Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Atmospheres Cont'd

"This body of work is a photographic exploration of the attempt to control emotions through the use of process within a confined space. Similar to abstract expressionist painting, the process and technique are at the forefront of thought during creation, allowing for intuition and chance to help the natural inherent life come forth. The process itself characterizes how I often handle my emotions. They get bundled up and put in a glass box, seen and interacted with from a distance. Ultimately, pouring and dripping color pigment into a tank of water results in lush hand-made atmospheric forms which in turn represent my pervading desire for emotional control." The crafted artist statement...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Veil and Unveil

To veil, rip, reveal, fog, cover, mist, cloud, pull and see. The eyes. Why are the eyes so revered? Why do we cringe when we cannot see? Why do we scrunch our eyes and strain ourselves when a fog settles in? Out of all the senses, sight gives us the most amount of information. Why then, am I attracted to the idea of covering up the information that I create? Is it to hide? Is it simply for effect? And then...with violence, or vengeance, or guilt, or desire... I forcibly rip and pull parts of the veil away. Why can I not pull all of the veil? These are my own memories that I am toying with...

My recent work is asking me too many questions... It feels like I'm following the rabbit instead of following the bird... .