Saturday, January 11, 2014


Last semester I dabbled in photo-encaustic trying to figure out the different techniques and intricacies of the medium to see if it would be applicable to my artistic content.

Here are a few of the earlier experimentations: (and no apologies for the poor image quality, it's my diary so I can do what I want, lol)

I guess it should be stated somewhere in this 'diary' that my work centers on memory and the act of remembrance. Normally, I have focused on grasping at the past’s emotions - fighting through an increasing haze that seems to be covering them like a thin elastic blanket. I can poke at them, but I can't pierce through. And so while experimenting with layering, intarsia, texture, embedding, etc., this body of work (Fall 2013) ended up focusing on the present. (The images below are two shots of the same work, the right image is just a better grid formation.)

And so, through the combination of encaustic painting, layering, photo transfers, objects and papers I create a conversation between the real and the reconstructed, the raw emotion of memory and the veil of recollection. 

Tune in tomorrow as I dive deeper into the making of a few of these pieces. It was and still is a super exciting journey!

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