Sunday, January 12, 2014

Encaustic Adventure

In case you are confused, here is encaustic in a nutshell:
One must painstakingly wait for years, sometimes decades for bees to do their bee buzziness and make their wax. Since I can't wait that long, I will war with the many bee nations, invading and pillaging all that I can. The bees have taken to calling me The Painted Pirate and have created clever traps that I narrowly escape time and time again, but that is a story for another day.... After enough hives are invaded and ointment applied to stings, I must then seek out the evasive oil flowers. Yes, evasive. These flowers migrate from country to country and will even hop onto a boat and sail to a different continent to get away from you. The key to catching them is a golden Pok-e-ball, not to catch them with, these flowers are just Pok-e-geeks. So after I sneak up on them, I'll place the ball where they can see it and when they come into close enough range, I jump out and invite them to coffee and a good petal washing. (Always have a huge bucket and sieve for this process as the oil flowers are extremely dirty from all their evading.) During the washing, I harvest the pigment that falls off. The next step is the easiest: I add the wax and pigment inside a tiny volcano so that the ingredients will mix and be molten so that I can start painting.

So here are some pictures!
Not shown is the plywood that I use as a 'canvas'. These are 12"x12" and 3/4" thick.

 In order:
1- This was achieved using a scraping technique.
2- I didn't document this step for this piece... I placed a color lazer printed image face down and burnished the hell out of it. My preferred weapon for this step is a metal teaspoon.
3- Spray it with water and start to rub the paper off (hoping that I burnished enough).
4 & 5- It's a lot like developing in the darkroom.
6 & 7- Tada! Oh and I added a string to the bottom so that the string in the image would connect.
8- Ask a painting friend to help paint an area.
9- Optional, add a layer of plain medium to the whole thing and done!

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