Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Idea

So, I had a wild hair that sprouted. (I won't tell you where, it's embarrassing.) I had a conversation with this little hair and it told me that I needed to figure out how to make an atmosphere for my sets. I agreed, and asked what its opinion was. It said that I should make atmospheres out of pickle juice and farts, at which point I promptly stopped listening and plucked it. But that thought stuck with me no matter where I went. That blimey fellow left its mark...

I did some research on color fields and pours. Some of the artists are: Clyfford Still, Stanley Hayter, Maurice Sapiro, and more.

Then I learned about Kim Keever (images below)...and my mind was blown clean off. CLEAN OFF. So clean in fact that I was able to reattach with no problems.


The long term plan: to create romantic/atmospheric paper landscapes/narratives by using a tank, water, paper (of course), and paint.

The short term plan: to figure out how to make clouds/blooms in water.
Why? This will help achieve a romantic atmosphere.

Then what? Figure out what paper forms will submerge properly in water, what distortions occur, etc.

Step 1: Ask myself a hundred questions why I want to do this. (Helps with figuring out how to word my reasons and make connections.)

Step 2: Gather materials.

Step 3: Experiment with different materials to determine viscosities, gravitational pulls, attractions, repellants, dripping methods, mixing ratios, etc.

Experimentation images to come!

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